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Inspirational and educational movies for your kids to watch

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Being a parent myself, I really appreciate the making of good movies that can serve not only to entertain me and my family but also hopefully teach my kids a lesson or two and inspire them along the way. I am quite a movie buff as I slowly begin to realize over the past few years and these are some of the movies I’ve watched with my kids and found them to be quite beneficial for them.

    1. Wonder РAbout a boy who is born disfigured and how he finds acceptance and resilience with the support of his family.

    2. Dangal –¬†Very inspirational movie about female wrestling in India and the pains a father takes to help his daughters succeed.

    3. Pursuit of Happyness – Teaches about determination in the midst of hardships and to keep fighting for what is important.

    4. Coach Carter – Teaches about teamwork and supporting one another.

    5. Pay it Forward – How small actions can make a world of difference.

    6. Patch Adams – Encourages us to think out of the box and to challenge the norms to make a real difference.

    7. 3 Idiots – Questions the entire education system and what is really important about learning and success.

    8. Soul Surfer – Religious movie that teaches on overcoming the worst setback and making the most of life.

    9. Pad Man – How a man overcomes severe rejection by the people closest to him all the while clinging on to the vision he sees in making a difference.

Would love to hear your suggestions if you know of similar movies that you would definitely recommend kids to watch. I will keep updating this list as I go along!



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