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I suspect something is wrong with me, should I consider getting insurance?

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To be perfectly straight and honest with you, insurance companies are not stupid.

You may already know that health insurance policies require the insured to either declare their current health status or go for a mandatory health screening first before an insurer will approve any new health policies. However, what if you suspect something is wrong with you, but have not gotten an official medical examination yet? Theoretically, you can still declare that there is nothing wrong with you, does this mean you can quickly purchase a health insurance before an official medical review is out?

I would strongly advise against it.

One simple reason being, many health policies come attach with a ‘waiting period’. Insurers are not stupid and they are very well aware of individuals who will try to pull such stunts. As a result, many critical health plans will come imposed with several months of waiting period. This means that any critical illness found during this waiting period is not payable under the policy. Of course, you can opt to wait out the waiting period before getting an official medical examination to determine if there is something seriously wrong with you. But that means potentially severely jeopardizing your own health and any early treatment that could have been put in place to prevent worsening of your condition.

At the end of the day, it’s your life and your own health. Is it really worth risking it all just to get an easy payout?



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