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How to Top-up CPF Medisave Account

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One little known fact, your CPF Medisave account is earning the same interest as your CPF Special Account, which is currently 4%. For most CPF members who have been working for many years, your Medisave account should typically be maxed out at $62k currently. However, for various reasons, if you would like to voluntarily top-up your Medisave account, you have the option to do that.

Here are the few simple steps:

1. First, log into your CPF account through the CPF website.

2. Next you will see a list of menu options on the left-hand side as seen below. Select the option ‘My Requests‘.

3. You will see a list of actions that you can do on the right side with the option to expand each list. Expand the list titled ‘Building up My/ My Recipient’s CPF Savings‘. Then select the option ‘Contribute to my Medisave Account‘.

4. Follow the rest of the instructions to send the necessary payment and you are done!

One thing to note, it is currently not possible for you to top-up someone else’s Medisave account. Thus if your parent or spouse needs more funds in their Medisave account, the next best option will be for you to send them the amount required and for them to personally top-up their own account from your funds.



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